Predictive Replica Placement for Mobile Users in Distributed Fog Data Stores with Client-Side Markov Models


Mobile clients that consume and produce data are abundant in fog environments and low latency access to this data can only be achieved by storing it in their close physical proximity. To adapt data replication in fog data stores in an efficient manner and make client data available at the fog node that is closest to the client, the systems need to predict both client movement and pauses in data consumption. In this paper, we present variations of Markov model algorithms that can run on clients to increase the data availability while minimizing excess data. In a simulation, we find the availability of data at the closest node can be improved by 35% without incurring the storage and communication overheads of global replication.

2021 IEEE/ACM 14th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing (UCC ‘21) Companion (UCC ‘21 Companion)